No matter how strong we are every now and then we all need a guide, someone to help us through the rough spots.  As an entrepreneur you are no different.  Your business may have started with very positive results but a year or 2 down the road you may reach an impasse....a big decision needs to be made or perhaps you don't know what the next step to take is.  That is when having a Mentor becomes necessary.

Mentors have been around in history all over the world:  gurus and disciples, apprentices and guilds, and elders and students. The term “mentoring” or “mentorship” is a developmental relationship between a more learned and often older person and a younger and/or less experienced one. The Mentor serves to guide you through the communication of knowledge, know-how and motivational support as it relates to your professional growth and development.

In this case, the goal is to develop and grow your own small business into each phase it needs to go: from the ground up, an expansion step, or even diversification abroad.


Because there are so many elements in developing a successful small business, we believe Mentoring to be an important and useful tool. Many people believe that Mentoring stops at a certain point, e.g. when your small business is one year old. We disagree. We believe that Mentoring can be useful at any time: 3 years after you opened your doors, or 5 years later and you want to expand to a different level…just as there are challenges setting up at the start, so are there later on during your company’s development. Because we want you to continue to have a successful business, we felt the need to offer Mentoring to those who need it.


Communication by: E-mail, telephone, Skype/FaceTime, or old-fashioned letter-with-postage. Because of the potential privacy risks involved, we do not think it wise to use any social media sites for this purpose, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Sorry. Therefore we have set up a separate email account only for this purpose.


Cost: €90.00 per year, payable upon registration. (This small fee is to minimally cover our time and whatever research is required to advise you.)


If you wish to participate in the Mentoring program, please complete the form below and click SEND.  We will then contact you with more details.



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