We firmly believe in hands-on training so we offer two workshops a year: in the Spring and in the Fall.

But these are not just ANY workshops:  you have the chance to combine learning with a restful vacation on the Greek island of Naxos OR on the Spanish tropical coast. Because the course covers so much, each workshop is  limited to a maximum of 8 participants. These are unlike any other workshops you may have attended so join us if you can. We would love to meet you in person!




Our Fall season workshop is held on the Greek island of Naxos on the Aegean Sea during the month of September. After the Summer tourist rush, September is an ideal month to still enjoy the crystal blue waters and balmy temperatures that hover around 22ºC. with life gradually slowing down for the year.  The essence of the Mediterranean is found on this island where almost all food products are grown and produced.  If you combine this workshop with a vacation, island hopping is a must.  Greece is one of the most important roots of our civilization so there is much to learn and experience. You can learn more from either of these sites:


Our Spring season workshop is held on the Costa Tropical of Spain betweeen March 1st thru Easter.  The weather at this time of the year is quite pleasant with temperatures between 12º-18ºC during the day and usually with lots of sun.  For years Northern Europeans and North Americans have escaped their frigid Winters by heading to this coast, many of whom have ended up settling here.  This area is not yet overly developed and still retains the classic Spanish charm.  A very special attraction is the fact that you can walk on the beach and within 1 hour be skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Of course you will enjoy the Mediterranean diet and world-famous "tapas" here...and so much more.

More information about this area is found here:


These workshops are designed to teach and guide you through the vital steps in setting up, building and sustaining your new small business. It could be a retail or service business, brick-and-mortar or E-business,  regardless if you stay in your present location, move to another city, or set up in a foreign country: the BASIC rules for success are the same. During the course of the workshop, you will have one final assignment to mock up your own business and have real customers critique it. At the end of the course, you will receive a final evaluation and recommendations based on your concept and presentation.

This is NOT like a typical classroom-taught course; you will discuss real topics in real terms, in everyday language not in technical and complicated business terms. This is about YOU becoming a strong and smart small business owner with an eye for a long-term future. You may be retired, just out of college, been downsized, or are just fed up with working for someone else. By the time you finish the workshop, you will be armed with the necessary tools to go out and live your life on your own terms.

The maximum number of participants is 8 persons and lasts two weeks with course time approximately 35 hours per week, as outlined below. Schedule is as follows:


  • Introduction and Why we Shop
  • Type of Business
  • Location
  • Interior Layout, Structural considerations
  • Shopper Behavior & Experience
  • Company Image


  • Type of Management
  • Startup Money & Funding
  • Account Setup & Getting Paid
  • Company Responsibilities


  • Budget, P&L Statements
  • Purchasing & Pricing
  • Payments & Returns
  • Inventory


  • Time Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Operating Hours


  • Human Resources
  • Selecting, Hiring & Firing
  • Staff Reviews & Keeping the Best
  • The Public: Best Practices & Customer Relations
  • Shrinkage (Loss Prevention)



  • Visual Merchandising
  • Façades & Windows
  • Interior Adjacencies
  • Fixtures
  • Color
  • Illumination
  • Signage
  • Vendors


  • Advertising / PR
  • Networking
  • Internet & Mobile Tech


  • Selling Techniques
  • Features/Benefits/In-Store Events
  • Client Value
  • Closing the Sale
  • Collaborations


  • Diversification
  • E-Business


  • Setting up in a Foreign Country


Monday thru Friday:  Morning    10:00 – 14:00

                                      Lunch        14:00 – 15:30

                                      Afternoon 15:30 – 18:30

Saturday & Sunday OFF

Final session on Saturday 10:00 – 14:00



These workshops take place in safe and very affordable locations so when your registration is accepted we will send you an informational packet that includes general area information, things to do, and a list of recommended places to stay. Accommodations we suggest are affordable - anywhere from €20.00 a day and up for clean, well-located studios/flats/hotels.  Based on our long-term business relationships with local entrepreneurs and vendors, we only suggest proper accommodations to ensure that your two-week stay is a pleasant one. We do not in any way represent or gain from any of these businesses. 

Light refreshments will be provided during the length of the courses.  

Costs of all travel, lodging, any other arrangements, transport and meals are the participants' responsibilities. 

FEE - tax included:  € 1360.00

INCLUDED IN NAXOS COURSE ONLY: Pickup and dropoff at the port or airport of Naxos

50% deposit required to confirm registration.

Balance of 50% required 10 days prior to start of workshop

No refunds will be given after registration is confirmed.


PAYMENT can be made via Bank Transfer in Euros only.  Credit cards and checks not accepted.

Payment details will be made available upon your application and acceptance.



Casual but not sloppy clothing, suitable for the season

Travel converters to 220V. for any electronic devices you bring

Your energy, motivation and keen interest in learning!


Both locations offer a wide range of restaurants, activities, cultural monuments, clean beaches and mountain areas ideal for hiking.  Your informational packet will contain more details that pertain to the location you select.


All participants are expected to behave in a professional manner and respect their guest country and hosts.  Any gross infractions will result in the participant's immediate dismissal and forfeiture of all fees paid.


If you are interested in taking a course, please complete the form below and send.  We will contact you with availablity, confirmation and payment details.


Bear in mind that each location is unique and of different cultures.  Do not expect to find the exact same things as back home.  Be prepared for a variety of store opening times,