The topic of starting, growing and maintaining a small business is extensive.  To make it less overwhelming these topics have been divided into two separate books. 

Volume 1:  The Bare Necessities

This volume is an introduction into the basic setup required for your small retail or service business. The premise is based on the same necessary elements for both RETAIL and SERVICE businesses. Starting with your own motivation for entrepreneurship, we look at the reasons we shop for goods and services. The topics included are:

1 - Are you right for entrepreneurship? Why do we humans shop?  This section poses important points before you should even start.


2 - The type of business you want to start, its location and layout, structural considerations, the customer's behavior and experience, and your business image.


3 - The type of management, funding and startup money, account setup, company responsibilities and getting paid for your work (not as obvious as you might think!).


4 - Money matters that include budget, Profit & Loss statements, pricing, returns and inventory.


5 - Time management - a key factor, scheduling of staff and operating hours.


6 - Human resource issues affect every business owner: selecting, hiring, firing and keeping staff - the backbone of any business. Customer Relations and Best Practices, followed by Shortage Control (also known as Shrinkage) are also discussed.


These 6 Chapters form the basic foundation for getting your business up and running. Each section is filled with pertinent images, current information, and real-life examples. These may be boring topics for many people but they are what many failed small businesses have overlooked. Knowing your craft is admirable but knowing how to set up and manage your business is just as vital.

Book details:

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)  Soft cover, Perfect Bound

200 pages  -  91 color images

ISBN-13: 978-1478348016/ ISBN-10: 1478348011

Volume 2: Develop-Grow-Succeed

The second volume takes us deeper into establishing, developing, and growing your small business and includes the more "sensory" aspects such as visual merchandising and marketing. Topics included are:


7 - This section encompasses the aspects that deal with the visual parts of your business such as visual merchandising, illumination, fa├žades, window dressing, and signage. Moving indoors the topics of interior adjacencies, fixtures and vendor participation are addressed.


8 - Advertising/Public Relations are an all-important part of developing your business such as image, consistency, networking

(in past, current and future terms), and the use of the internet, social media and mobile technology as vital tools.


9 - Selling your products or services is no longer simple. Gone are the days of just throwing open your doors and waiting for customers to arrive. This Chapter delves into various types of selling techniques, the importance of client value, closing the sale, and collaborative efforts.


10 - Today's small business owner is part of a global economy whether they realize it or not. This chapter looks at diversification and E-business as part of the growth of any business.


PART 2 of this book is a special section for those who are thinking of starting their small business in a different community or even a foreign country. The basics remain the same except there are important aspects that must be considered when relocating  such as Culture shock, who-what-when-where-how, making adjustments and when to call it quits.


The final section called "Personal Concept" is a description of our own business methodolgy that we have actively employed for decades and continue to do so. Based on our motivation, experience and techniques it is a concept we have named the "Formula 1 Principle." We hope it can inspire you too.

These Chapters form a complete package of information designed to teach the practical applications for any retail or service business - anywhere in the world.  Your success will now depend on how you meet the various challenges to be faced.

Book details:

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Soft cover, Perfect Bound

244 pages - 237 color images

ISBN-13: 978-1494875312/ ISBN-10: 149875314


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